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Since 1978

Since 1978, the continuous reinforcement of transport safety measures and customer policies have placed the notion of responsibility at the heart of our activity.
Our policy of responsibility, made up of concrete measures, qualifies us to work for the most demanding customers.


Packaging is the critical link in the logistics chain.
The aim is to both protect the goods and ensure safe transport.

The responsibility of all parties involved is engaged: The shipper, forwarder and receiver are putting their reputation at risk if the safety rules are not followed.

SFE creates a liability barrier for its clients.

Minimize the occurrence of unpredictable risks by calling on S.F.E.



By complying with all applicable safety regulations, SFE creates a triple barrier of responsibility for its customers: in the event of an incident in the transport chain, which may have major consequences, the responsibility of our shipping customers is protected.
We contribute to transport safety by complying with OACI regulations. As approved packaging designers, we are subject to the supervision of the Ministry of Transport; our safety advisor is external in order to ensure the principle of separation of duties and independence. He intervenes on all the danger categories.
We ensure the safety of employees and visitors by limiting exposure to dust, the main risk in the mechanical wood industry.
The organization of workspaces, noise measurements, pedestrian paths, safety clothing, regular monitoring of teams by the occupational health department, etc. are all concrete measures that attest to our constant investment in safety.
Finally, the safety of the goods entrusted to us is ensured by the periodic inspection of our fire, lifting, mechanical and electrical equipment. Our insurance policies are specifically developed for the exercise of our profession.
The protection of your liability as a client is assured and is justified on a documentary basis.


Quality management is at the heart of our organization.
Our quality assurance plan, based on the ISO9001:2008 standard, formalizes all the rules of our business.
Their application is monitored via quantified indicators: in 10 years we have packed nearly 150,000 shipments without any claims, with an average lead time of 1.8 days.

We provide our customers with the monitoring of our lead times, scrap rates and dust levels.


SFE is located in the heart of the cargo area of Roissy CDG airport, which benefits from the continuous presence of government services in the freight area (PAF, GTA, Vigipirate, etc.)
Our premises are secured by alarm, video protection and access control.
Our teams are badged (TCA) by the prefecture for the access to the runway (ZSAR).
The qualification by the authorities as well as the average seniority of our employees
(more than 10 years) are strong guarantees of security.

Standards and reference guides

OACI/IATARegulations for the transport of dangerous goods
OACI/IATALive Animal Transport Regulations
IMDGMaritime Dangerous Goods Code
ADREuropean Agreement concerning the international carriage of dangerous goods by road
Approved packagingCertificates issued by Ministry of Transportation approved testing laboratory
QAPQuality Assurance Plan QAP 4 Gvrev1
SEILATechnical specifications of the French industrial packaging union
AQISAustralian Quarantine and Inspection Service
ISPMPhytosanitary treatment
Collective agreementMechanical work of wood, sawmill, wood trade and the import of wood

The full set of current certificates is available at the address