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Our environmental policy

Both our customers’ environmental policies and the mechanization of our processes have profoundly changed the profession of packer: the craftsman has given way to the methodical technician who understands the challenges of our times.

Resource management

We use treated ISPM15 and PEFC wood from sustainably managed forests.
Our optimized production processes allow us to limit our waste.
Compacting the shredded material enables us to limit the use of dumpsters and to recycle 80% of our waste


Waste Management

Sorting of plastic, metal and incinerable waste.
Re-use by crushing and compacting into briquettes.
Our methods enable us to recycle 80% of our production waste.
Recycling of special industrial waste (SIW) by approved channels
Effluent control by oil/water separation.

Air treatment

Air quality is managed in the working environment through air pressurization and cut-offs.
Dust is controlled by filtration to respect the exposure limit value of 1 mg/m3.
Screw compressors reduce the noise level to 80 dB.
100% electric lifting up to 5T reducing dust levels.
TLV 8hrs (Average) / wood + plywood scraps