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Sectors of activity

Our sectors of activity

Our wide range of clients over the last 45 years have taught us to perfect our technique and to adapt to all packaging and shipping situations.
Our short lead times are appreciated in many sectors of activity!

Works of art

The many different types of artwork require us to find solutions that are perfectly adapted to their shapes and their fragility.
As these works are often of great value, we must get it right every time.


The wedges holding cable drums must be effective and solid because of the weight of the drums and their propensity to roll during take-off and landing.


Aeronautics professionals are very demanding and they trust us to pack all kinds of aircraft and materials: planes, gliders, helicopters, engines and reactors.


These materials require secure packaging. We take into account density, viscosity, temperatures, fractions, nature of the risk, documentation – nothing is left to chance.


We pack all kinds of vehicles with great care for our passionate customers: record holders, competition and collection vehicles, industrial prototypes, whether they have two, three, four or more wheels.

Furniture & Antiques

Whether contemporary or antique, beautiful and often very valuable furniture is always handled with precision.

Industrial transfer

Our specialists ensure the moving of all types of industrial machinery and equipment in adapted packaging.

Mirror lights glassware

The fineness, fragility and variety of these objects oblige us to elaborate sophisticated packaging, protecting them as much as possible from all kinds of impacts.


All the animals we pack are placed in solid, airy and spacious crates, in order to provide maximum comfort for these delightful passengers.


Perishable goods require the immediate placement of a self-contained refrigerated overpack
(see “our service” page).


Metal products are often heavy and bulky and require reinforced packaging specially designed to resist their weight.


Pharmaceutical products are overpackaged directly in the pharma warehouse, in order to respect the best practices of the sector.

Wire drawing and rolling

The often long and flexible steel tubes and bars oblige us to study special packaging that withstands weight and bending.

And more, all sectors in export freight